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Auction-Tracker v7.00

The event management tool trusted by more benefit auction professionals world-wide. Effectively manage your benefit auction event with easy to implement, time-proven technology.

eBid-O-Gram v1.00

Add the convenience of fully integrated electronic bidding to the market's leading auction management solution Auction-Tracker. Bid/Buy/Give from Android and iOS smartphone and tablet devices.
Application Support

Application Support

The key to a successful software installation is in the company that backs its products. Northwest Software backs its applications with comprehensive support plans that are unmatched!

The "Balanced" Approach
To Benefit Auction Fundraising!

image While benefit auctions are exciting and fun, their purpose is to raise funds in support of your organization’s mission. Behind any successful event is hours of planning, preparation and organization. Building on an events success requires the fostering of long-term relationships and strategic planning from event to event.

Whether your event raises $25,000.00 or $25 MILLION dollars in one night, it cannot magically achieve financial success on its own. Strategic planning, procurement and building long term relationships from event to event are needed for your event to thrive and grow. In today's economy you need a powerful, proven data management tool to achieve this.

The Power To Leverage

Auction-Tracker is designed around the perpetual nature of benefit auctions. When one event is over planning for the next begins! Everyone who participates in your benefit auction has the potential to be one of the biggest champions for your cause with little nurturing. Gone are fragmented databases leaving you to wonder about a constituent’s history. With Auction-Tracker, participant history is at your fingertips which significantly increases your ability to foster lasting relationships with each constituent.

Designed for the long-term management of your benefit auction, Auction-Tracker embodies the core philosophy of development... building relationships!

Backed By Nonprofits Like Yours!

With tens of thousands of progressively successful benefit auctions in five countries over the past 24 years, Auction-Tracker is the proven tool to manage events of all sizes and styles. Modest to extravagant events are managed with Auction-Tracker year after year with success.

Take control of your event and it’s history today. Come join our international community of nonprofit organizations who have placed their trust in Auction-Tracker to get the job done right, consistently, time after time!